SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

sureflapSureFlap TM is a revolutionary battery-operated cat flap that uses the ID chip implanted in your cat as an electronic door key.

SureFlap TM is compatible with all of the most common identification microchips. With one press of a button SureFlap TM learns your cat’s IDthinkstock-single-image-collection number and can memorise up to 32 cats’ identities. Once programmed SureFlap TM will only open for your cats, so you can say goodbye to unwanted visitors entering your home, eating your cats’ food and terrorising your pets.

SureFlap TM is easy to install and fits into the same sized hole as many existing cat flaps. Mounting adaptors are 280mm in diameter and designed for installations in windows and walls. They cover holes from 210mm to 260mm diameter. The mounting adaptor can also be used to cover large holes left by an existing cat flap.

*Required hole size: 166mm(w) x 172mm (h)
*Mounting adaptors are available to complete installations in windows and walls. Suitable for holes 210mm to 260mm in diameter

Dog-Tag Inscribing While You Wait

bulk_pet_tagsWe are delighted to announce that we now have the technology!! We can inscribe tags in five minutes, and have in stock a range largeof tag designs and colours to choose from.



The ‘Canny Collar’ training collar.


The Canny Collar is a dog training collar developed by The Canny Company, a group of professionals dedicated to dog behaviour training and control of dog behaviour problems. This includes practical advice backed up by a select range of quality dog training equipment, such as the Canny Collar, designed to stop your dog pulling on the lead.

This revolutionary product is the first dog training collar to give you complete control dog-walking-labradorand good behaviour when walking your dog. Simple to fit and easy to use, it tackles the most common dog behaviour problem of lead pulling and ensures that within minutes your dog is walking happily by your side. It is a simple piece of dog training equipment made up of a conventional flat collar with a traditional buckle fastening for security. Your lead attaches to a thinner slip line, made from soft yet strong material, which then fits over the nose of your dog.

Unlike other dog walking devices where the lead fastens under the chin, the lead fastens behind your dog’s head - an innovative and unique design in dog behaviour training.

Read more at the Canny Collar website.

Cat Litter Range

At Breffni House Pets we stock a wide variety of Cat Litters so you can be sure to find the brand that works best for you and your pet.

The brands we carry include:


Tropical Fish

At Breffni House Pets we carry a full range of tropical fish, cold water fish and pond fish (seasonally).

We carry a number of different aquarium products including tropical plant ranges, a full range of fish tanks, bowels and accessories.

Please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.

Wild bird products and seeds (bulk or bagged).

We are now stocking a large range of wild bird products including feeders, seeds and a variety of bird houses. Some of the bird seed we carry are

  • niger seed
  • sunflower hearts
  • black sunflower
  • robin seed
  • mix seed
  • peanuts
  • mealworms (dried or live)
  • fat balls small & large
  • fat squares
  • fat rolls
  • suiet pellets