Hill’s ‘Science Plan’ Foods

img_logo_scienceplan_150_en The Best Nutrition.
The high quality ingredients used by Hill’s make Science Plan easy to digest, and so reducing stool volume. These ingredients are carefully balanced to help ensure your pet remains healthy.

Great Taste
Improvements in formula mean our products are better tasting than ever.

The Best Choice
Hill’s was the first pet food manufacturer to use true life stage formulations because we understand that growing pets have different needs .We endevour to produce the right product for pets at each stage of their life or whatever their condition.

Great Value
The highly digestible ingredients mean that a bowl of Science Plan offers your pet far more nutritional value than a bowl of ordinary pet food, so the cost per day of feeding Hill’s is less than you may think.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We’re so sure that you and your pet will love Science Plan that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

For more information, please visit the Hills Website

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