Luaths Holistic Nutrition Foods

The ingredients in our natural dog foods are specifically chosen to meet certain predetermined characteristics associated with what I, at Land Of Holistic Pets, consider to be ‘Holistic Nutrition’.

This is basically where the dog food not only meets the needs of your dog but facilitates an extremely strong immune system.This in turn switches on your dogs ability to fight off illness and limit degenerative disease like kidney, heart, liver and arthritic issues.

The formulation is like putting together a highly successful team of sportsmen. We have defensive ingredients, midfielders and forwards. Marketing and sales people would have you believe that one product or another is the be all and end all.

At Land Of Holistic Pets it is the combined effort of the whole team, the sum of which, is greater than the individuals. Luaths Holistic Nutrition for dogs is our complete dry kibble food.

Choose from:

Luath Working and Sporting Formula for Dogs

Luath Brown Rice with Chicken for Dogs

Luath Brown Rice with Lamb For Dogs

Luath Mini Bites – for Puppies and adult smaller ‘toy’ dogs

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