SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

sureflapSureFlap TM is a revolutionary battery-operated cat flap that uses the ID chip implanted in your cat as an electronic door key.

SureFlap TM is compatible with all of the most common identification microchips. With one press of a button SureFlap TM learns your cat’s IDthinkstock-single-image-collection number and can memorise up to 32 cats’ identities. Once programmed SureFlap TM will only open for your cats, so you can say goodbye to unwanted visitors entering your home, eating your cats’ food and terrorising your pets.

SureFlap TM is easy to install and fits into the same sized hole as many existing cat flaps. Mounting adaptors are 280mm in diameter and designed for installations in windows and walls. They cover holes from 210mm to 260mm diameter. The mounting adaptor can also be used to cover large holes left by an existing cat flap.

*Required hole size: 166mm(w) x 172mm (h)
*Mounting adaptors are available to complete installations in windows and walls. Suitable for holes 210mm to 260mm in diameter

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